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Can gadgets be deactivated?

I am trying to implement a hierarchical dialog box.  At the top
level, it is a "radio box", in other words a mutually exclusive
set of four choices.  Under each top-level choice is a couple of
toggle buttons that control options related to the choice.  Like this:

 Choose a Beverage:
   o Coffee
       x Decaf
       x Colombian
   o Tea
       x Herbal
   o Beer
       x Light
       x Imported
   o Milk
       x Skim

What I would like is to deactivate some of the toggle buttons
when they don't apply.  So if the user picks "Tea", the only
active toggle button would be "Herbal".  By deactivate, I
mean that it loses its mouse-sensitivity and it goes gray.
Its purpose is analogous to the :ACTIVE menu-item
option to MENU-CHOOSE in clim 2.

I'm not only interested in deactivating toggle buttons, but in
every sort of gadget (text, scrolling-list, radio-box, ...).
The underlying toolkits apparently support this behavior at least
some of the time.  I can't think of any approach that's not more
trouble than its worth.  Has anybody done this?

jeff morrill



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