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    Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1992 16:09 EDT
    From: Clinton Hyde <>

    baseline: Clim 1.1, Allegro 4.1, Sparc2.

    I have an app-frame with a command-pane across the top. for reason(s)
    I haven't figured out, occasionally when I click a command, that
    command gets moved to the very end (far right):


    log-in  select-a  select-b  select-c

    [I click select-a]

    log-in  select-b  select-c  select-a

    is the result.

    any idea why this would happen?

    is there a way for me to control it?

Are you redefining commands on the fly, by compiling them out of an
editor buffer or something?  That would cause the command to be removed
an reinserted into the command table at the end.

     -- clint

    Clint Hyde		"Give me a LispM or give me death!" -- anonymous

    Advanced Decision Systems/BAH	Internet:
    1953 Gallows Rd, Suite 600
    Vienna, VA  22182-3934		(703) 902-7130



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