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CLIM/EMACS discussion

Concerning the CLIM/EMACS discussion:
>    John C. Mallery writes [among other things]:
>     7) BETTER INTEGRATION: In Genera 8.1.1, CLIM remains poorly integrated.  Thus,
>     one cannot use, for example presentation types or text styles outside CLIM,
>     say in the editor. (I have a different large system which would suffer by
>     conversion to CLIM because it would no longer operate seamlessly in the
>     editor.  This brings me to the point that it would be desirable to have some
>     general-purpose facilities written in CL using CLIM.  The first on my list is
>     an Emacs or ZMACS-like editor -- or better yet, a hypertext system + mail
>     reader.  While we're at it, what about debugger interfaces?
>    I'd like to support this view and to add that when NOT using Genera, an
>    integrated, extensible and customizable editor is often missing.  Although
>    using Emacs on UNIX workstations may be an alternative [which has been
>    choosen by several Lisp Vendors for their development environments], the
>    impact on portability and difficulties with the integration are important
>    arguments against this approach.
>If anyone volunteers to write and make publicly available such an editor
>using CLIM, I would be glad to offer my advice.  Or if somebody wants to
>fund such a project (minimum funding = 1 man-year), that would be fine
>with me, too.  Otherwise, such wishing is nothing but wishing.

I see the problem. From my point of view, a CLIM based Emacs is in the interest of both
CLIM users [because it could be utilized for many applications] and  the Lisp vendors comitted to CLIM [because it 
would demonstrate the power of CLIM and help selling CLIM]. Unfortunately, I neither see a solution for
the funding problem nor do I know of anybody willing to spent his private time for such a project.
I think that Common Lisp, CLOS and CLIM provide very good support for developing extensible and customizable
systems [of which an Emacs like editor is only one example]. I could imagine that offering CLIM discounts
[or even donations] to universities in exchange for developing such systems and making them publicly
available may be a possible solution and may help filling the CLIM library. 

Besides, I think that CLIM is an excellent tool for the development of interactive systems. The presentation
concept is extremely useful. 

Kind regards, Frank Plassmeier (or fplass@ernohb.uucp)



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