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Re: scroll-bars

> I would like to have some fairly different scroll-bars. is there any
> sort of built-in behavior to allow this, or do I need to work this up
> from scratch?
> I'm sure there are two/four methods which handle actually scrolling
> the viewport. question is, how to create the scroll-bars and have
> other draw-fns behave as though they're in the margins...
> any suggestions?

The CLIM 1 architecture does not provide a clean mechanism for defining
scrollbars and the current implementation is not particularly pleasant.
A window's scrollbars are themselves CLIM windows - children of the window
and various methods ensure that they get resized and repositioned when the
window is resized.

What kind of behavior did you want?

CLIM 2.0 uses the scrollbars supplied by the underlying toolkit.



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