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   Date: Tue, 6 Oct 92 12:44:58 EDT
   From: Clinton Hyde <>

   I would like to have some fairly different scroll-bars. is there any
   sort of built-in behavior to allow this, or do I need to work this up
   from scratch?

There is no good way to actually replace the existing scroll bars.
Their creation and management is internal to the window.  For example,
the Genera port uses the scroll bars that come with Genera windows,
while the CLX port creates separate little X windows and manages them.

CLIM 2 will support this.  You can use the scroll bars from the
underlying GUI toolkit or roll your own scroll bar pane with its own
appearance and mouse-click behavior.

   I'm sure there are two/four methods which handle actually scrolling
   the viewport. question is, how to create the scroll-bars and have
   other draw-fns behave as though they're in the margins...

   any suggestions?

Well, you could create the windows with :scroll-bars nil, put some
presentations up representing buttons for scrolling forward and
backward, and write presentation actions that used
window-set-viewport-position* to actuall shift things around.



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