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   Date: Wed, 7 Oct 92 11:12:51 CST
   From: Randy Coulman <>

   I have an application which requires that certain data be loaded from files 
   before the user does anything else.  What I would like to do is pop up an
   accepting values window before the top-level read-eval-print loop starts, but
   after everything is displayed on screen.  I figured that the best way to do
   this is to write my own top-level which does the prompting and then calls
   clim:default-frame-top-level to start the REP loop.  However, it appears that
   nothing is displayed in time for my accepting-values (:own-window t) to work
   properly.  Does that mean that clim:default-frame-top-level actually displays
   all of the panes and stuff like that?  Does that make sense?  Is there a way to
   insert some initialization code between the displaying of panes and the running
   of the REP loop?

   If there is a better way to do what I need to do, can someone please let me

Yes, default-frame-top-level does the pane redisplay (each time around
the loop, in fact).  You can display the panes yourself at the
beginning of your top-level by:

      (redisplay-frame-panes frame :force-p t)

You could also specialize read-frame-command, detecting the first

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