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Re: [spr6772] medium-text-style

   (clim:medium-text-style *standard-output*) yields a text style object with
     size NIL
     face NIL
     family NIL

   when called within the lisp listener of the CLIM demo package. I think it's only
   bad defaulting, but this result makes no sense in my eyes, since there is a
   standard text style assigned to the stream (otherwise, text output wouldn't make

   What is your opinion?

The behaviour is correct. I think you are confusing medium-text-style
and medium-default-text-style. The latter cannot have any components
as nil. You can setf medium-text-style of a medium to be a text style
with some fields missing and it will get the defaults by merging with
medium-default-text-style. By default medium-text-style has all
components as nil resulting in all rendering being done with

For more info see clim:medium-default-text-style on page 349 of the
clim documentation. See also chapter 14 - Text Styles in CLIM.

Hope this helps.

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