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Re: presentation-type OPTIONS

    Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1992 12:54 EDT
    From: Jeff Close <>


    thanks for the reply, as always; 
       Presentation type options do not inherit.  This was an explicit design
       decision, but since it was made about three years ago, I can no longer
       remember what the rationale was.

    WHAT!?  Where's your paper-trail?  You may be called in front of
    Congress someday... :)

	 (define-presentation-type pathname ()
	   :inherit-from t                     ;enforce CL definition
    what does this mean?

	   :history t
	   :options ((default-type nil)
		     (default-version :newest)
		     (merge-default t)))

    can these options then be used in &key for 'present' methods?

    Sorry to ask something that might be in the book
    (i.e., READ...THE...BOOK!), but I couldn't find it.

No, you do this to read a pathname with a default type of "LISP":


or this to read an integer from 0 to 15 in base 2:

  (ACCEPT '((INTEGER 0 15) :BASE 2))



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