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Many overlapping presentations

In the CLIM 1.1 world:

I explicitly insert my own output-records with with-new-output-record into
my own output-record history tree. The problem I'm having is that many of
my inferior presentations overlap and as they are presented to the display
stream others presentations start replaying themselves slowing my display
update time by an immense amount. My question is how to I control this
replay mechanism, to only occur when I wish to replay the whole display
screen, or when I explicitly wish to redraw a set of them myself?

My display layout is as follows:

I have a top level record-list maintained in my application frame.
That contains horizontal-display-region presentations that contain a single inferior presentation that is a time-frame or event-plotting-region
presentation. The time-frame presentation contains two more inferiors
presentations that contain their own respective elements. The horizontal-
display-region presentations are right next to each other. Their inferiors
are exactly the same size as them. The event-plotting-region inferior contains
2 inferior records that label it and whatever number of activity-plotting
presentations that are viewable. 

As those activity-plotting presentations are drawn within the event-plotting-
region presentation, I start seeing massive amounts of redraws occur on other
activities presentations close by those, and the neighboring event-plotting-
region or time-frame presentations.

Any help?


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