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Command Table Menu Items

    Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1992 14:21 EST

    > Date: Tue, 3 Nov 92 10:46:46 PST
    > From: Brian Anderson <>

    > But, it seems to me that what you *really* want is to define what menu
    > items appear in what columns in the menu.  I have a hack where you
    > specify a list columns and the menu items that are to appear in that
    > column.  This gives you better control over how the menu items are
    > formatted.  For example, if you specify a layout of menu items as:

    >  (("Menu 1" "Menu 2") ("Menu 3" "Menu 4"))

    > then, the menu pane appears as:

    > Menu 1  Menu 3
    > Menu 2  Menu 4

    > This also makes the layout independent of the position of a menu item
    > in the command table.

    I agree; there needs to be some constraint language for laying out the
    presentation of things like menus (which the local window manager can
    adjust depending on implementation details). In particular, the
    application programmer may be far more able to logically group items
    together... the window manager may use this to lay them out in a
    particular menu style... eg.

    (("grouptitle "item1 "item2) ("group2title "item3 "item4))


    Bold(grouptitle)     Bold(grouptitle)

    item1                item3
    item2                item4

    or, perhaps, submenus based on the grouptitle (e.g. on the mac, or X;
    depending on the amount of space the menu already takes up).

This is unlikely to happen in CLIM 2.0.  I will keep the suggestion
around for CLIM 2.1 (whenever that is!).


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