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how to TOTALLY kill a window?

that's about it: I am doing this

(let ((window (clim:open-window-stream :parent *root*
					    :window-class 'clim::clx-window
					    :label "Progress"
					    :left 100 :top 100
					    :width 200 :height 200
					    :scroll-bars NIL
 (clim:window-stack-on-bottom window)
 (clim:window-clear window)
 (setf (clim:window-visibility window) ())
 (SEtf (clim:window-label window) ()) ;avoids oddball screwups which were occurring.
 (clim:close window)
 (setf (clim:window-children *root*) (remove window (clim:window-children *root*))) 

this is not completely killing the window. question is: how can I
totally kill a window? What I really want is for the frame this popped
up over to become tv:selected-window again, but I don't know how to do
THAT either.

the odd thing is that the next time I pop up a window like above,
either the old one gets re-used, or it gets killed and a new one
created...this is causing some difficulty right now, confusing a user
and getting my app-frame into a bad state.

 -- clint

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