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Another quickie accept-values-pane question

    Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1992 09:30 EST
    From: Curt Eggemeyer <>

    I think this was on the net awhile back, but I'm not sure what the answer was,
    so here goes.  Can accepting-values be called within accepting-values?  
Yes, but it really only makes sense to call the nested dialog from
inside of something like an ACCEPT-VALUES-COMMAND-BUTTON.

    wish to localize the :resynchronize-every-pass to each item within the dialog
    to minimize update. Is this okay?  
I don't think this will work.  (Dynamic Windows had a feature like
this, but CLIM has to draw the line somewhere. :-)

				       I'm thinking of using the top-level
    accept-value-pane without resynchronizing, where each of my dialog params
    have accepting-values with resynch set.  Will I gain in update time?

If you can succeed in making it work, you may gain somewhat in update
time.  But probably not a lot, unless the dialogs are really quite huge.
If the dialogs are huge, you may want to use ACCEPT-VALUES-COMMAND-BUTTON
to pop up an "internal" dialog on request, instead of having the whole
dialog displayed at once.  (Of course, this is really just a matter of
my personal taste in UI styles...)


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