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    Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1992 20:23 EST
    From: Bill York <>

       Date: Mon, 16 Nov 92 13:30:06 +0100
       From: Bernd Wild <>

       Is there a better version of format-graph-from-root available than  
       the one in CLIM 1.1. I know that this is only a port of the  
       Symbolics version but if you want to display serious graphs you  
       face the problem that format-graph-from-root always centers the  
       successor nodes relative to all predecessor nodes. If you have only  
       partially complete graphs this looks very crazy and cannot be used  
       for any applications.

    While I concur that the CLIM graphing algorithm isn't the best, I
    don't see the problem in your particular example.  I tried this test

      (window-clear win)
      (format-graph-from-root '(z y (x)) #'prin1 #'identity
			      :orientation :horizontal
			      :stream win)
      (force-output win))

    It produced a graph that looked more like your 2nd drawing below.  Can
    you supply a test case that shows the problem?

Perhaps Herr Wild used the :DAG graph type instead of the :TREE graph
type.  The first example looks like the layout produced by the :DAG
layout engine.

It might be helpful to know from people just how important it is that
the graph layout engine be fine-tuned in CLIM 2.0.  My time estimate is
that it would require at least two (2) full weeks to really do a good
job on the grapher.  So far, I have felt that there are far more
important things to do in CLIM 2.0, and that I cannot justify spending
that much time on the grapher.  Maybe for CLIM 2.1?

       CLIM 1.1:

	   A -      D
	       \   / 


       but I want this:
	   A -
		 C - D



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