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presentations in temporary windows

I need to display some information in temporary windows, which should
the user to invoke further actions (e.g. by mouse gestures on
The temporary window should be closed when the user moves the pointer
out of
the window.
Commands and presentation actions are defined in the command table of
I tried to implement this as follows:

   (with-menu (s (get-frame-pane *my-frame* 'interactor))
      (... do the output to stream s ...)
      (... give the window the right size and expose it ...)
      (tracking-pointer (s)
	 (... clauses ...))

1. Is the WITH-MENU macro the right way to build temporary windows that
allow user
   interaction via presentations?

2. Is the TRACKING-POINTER macro the right way to dispatch user

3. If yes, which tracking-pointer clause would implement the
pointer-out behavior?

Thomas Ruedesheim
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