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Re: clim 2.0.beta: menu-choose

  Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1992 14:12-0500
  From: Scott McKay <>
  Are you saying that you get old, CLIM 1.1-style menus instead of Motif
  menus?  I can certainly believe that...

That's not what I mean't.

All I'm trying to say is that menu-choose always gives spring-loaded pop-up
Motif menus in the Motif port.  It would be nice to get the other two types
that Motif is capable of providing (spring-loaded pull-down, and posted).
It will be impossible to write fully Motif-compliant applications without
this capability.

I'm not sure if these concepts are portable among GUIs, so I'm
a little hesitant about suggesting that menu-choose (and therefore
all ports) must support all three menu types.

For example this distinction between pull-down and pop-up seems rather
silly.  But it is a Motif fact of life.

  The "default" method for FRAME-MANAGER-MENU-CHOOSE will remain
  beholden to Dynamic Windows, but the other methods can implement
  something much better than that.

  Note that there is one other small problem here, which is that there are
  one or two places within CLIM that call MENU-CHOOSE-FROM-DRAWER directly,
  which subverts the use of FRAME-MANAGER-MENU-CHOOSE.




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