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Re: text-style to font mapping algorithm

Some of what is going on here is:

1. In a font name such as
-adobe-helvetica-medium-r-normal--14-140-75-75-p-77-iso8859-1, 140-75-75
means a 14.0 point font on a screen when the display resolution is 75x75dpi.
The point size is in units of 1/10 point.

2. If the display resolution, for example mine is 90dpi, is different then
the font comes out a different size, ie. 11.66, CLIM takes this into
account in the font mapping process.

3. CLIM chooses the font whose size best matches. If two fonts are equally
close, eg one is 1 point too big and the other is 1 point too small it
chooses the smallest font.  I dont understand why it chooses the linotype
font over the helvetica font since I believe the linotype is the best
match. I dont have this font on machine but perhaps there is a bug here.

4. (:sans-serif :roman 140) specifies a 140 point font. There appears to be
a bug in CLIM where instead of choosing the largest font that it can it
actually uses the "undefined" font which in this case is



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