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Re: CLIM 2.0, pane names

> Btw, the dpANS still omits at least two obvious restrictions on
> portable programs placing global definitions on symbols in the
> COMMON-LISP package: Defining a setf expander on a symbol, e.g. with
> DEFSETF; and globally defining a setf function, e.g. (SETF CAR).

These are covered by the last version (8) of LISP-SYMBOL-REDEFINITION.
However, we got a public review comment claiming that it was missing from
the dpANS (and I haven't checked that claim yet).  Presumably this will
be fixed.

> Reasonable minds could argue whether portable code should use symbols
> in the CL package as catch tags and restart names, other than those
> restarts already identified by the standard.  The intent of the
> standard is to allow placing a lexical definition on a symbol if that
> definition doesn't collide with the standard, and to preclude making
> any global definitions.  But catch tags and restart names have
> _dynamic_ extent, which is somewhere in between.  IMO, the cautious
> programmer should avoid them.

Good point.  I'll try to remember to mention this in the response to
the above mentioned comment, so that X3J13 can decide whether to include
that as an additional restriction (presumably in both directions, a la


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