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  From: friha lamia <>
  Subject: CLIM
  Our  research group is starting a scheduling/planning project. We would like to
  use CLIM to build an effective user interface. We would like to build the
  schedule automatically and have decisions, made during the scheduling process,
  reflected immediately on the interface. We would also like the user to be able
  to manipulate these same objects manually.
  Has anyone any experience with CLIM and dynamic objects like these?
  Is dynamic updating feasible, efficient and effective with CLIM.


There is such a thing in the clim 2 demo suite called peek-frame.
It displays the currently running lisp processes and updates the
display every second or so.  You may click on the processes to
perform operations on them (such as killing them).


The demo uses dynamic updating, which is pretty efficient
but it has bugs if you use certain techniques.  I must say,
however, that in clim 2 most of the bugs seem to me to have
been exterminated.  Efficiency is related to the number of
caching points that have to be inspected on each pass.  If you
can arrange your caching points hierarchically, so that a
whole area can be considered "unchanged" by looking at a
single caching point, then this technique can be quite


This is an effective technique as long as your display changes in
small ways (10%) on each pass.  If it changes radically (90%),
you are better off drawing the whole thing yourself (100%).

jeff morrill


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