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I am searching for a (very) efficient way to code a function like
   clim:dragging-output-record stream output-record & key (:repaint t)
   which enters an interaction mode in which the user moves the
   pointer, and output-record is RESIZED (and not dragged !!!) on stream
   when the pointer is moved.
 *** Especially, I have tried to code a function called
     tracking-pointer-and-draw-rubber-band-rectangle (stream)
     which should track the pointer on stream and draw a rubber-band on it, i.e.,
        * create a visible rectangle on a button-press event
        * resize this rectangle when the user moves the pointer AND
          ensure that all displayed contents of windows are NOT disturbed as the
          rubber-band is resized (c.f. drawing-programs)
        * finish drawing on a button-release event; the rubber-band should be
          removed from the stream, i.e., it is not visible then.
     Since I have not enough experience to code an efficient (!) function for
     this (simple) problem, I encourage YOU (!) to show me the secrets of CLIM
     and give me a detailed example of your solution.
     Can I use clim:dragging-output-record?



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