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Questions concerning Pointer Documentation

    Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1992 09:24 EST
    From: Oliver Christ <>

    Platform: Allegro 4.1, CLIM 1.1, SPARC, twm

    I've got some questions concerning the pointer documentation of CLIM.

    First, there's no pointer documentation displayed when the pointer is on the
    scrollbars of a window. Although I don't feel that this is necessary, one may
    argue that it may be useful to bind other commands than just scroll up/scroll
    down (perhaps with modifier keys) to the scrollbars and to have pointer
    documentation with them. In the moment, I think, the bars are just CLX windows
    and there are no commands (and no translators) bound to them, therefore there
    can't be a pointer documentation. Will that be the same in 2.0?

CLIM 2.0 has pointer documentation for the "home-grown" gadgets, but
probably not for the native gadgets.  If the implementors who are doing
back-ends for native gadget sets (e.g., Motif, OpenLook) want to provide
pointer documentation, it would be easy to do so.

    My other question concerns sub-menus. When running the example code below, the
    commands in the submenu of the separated command table don't generate a pointer
    documentation. Did I miss something in the doc?

This works for me in CLIM 2.0

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year,


    ;;;;;; EXAMPLE CODE
    ;; *clim-root* should be set before running
    ;; > (do-mousedoc-test)

    (in-package "USER")

    (clim:define-command-table mousedoc-secondary-command-table)

    (clim:define-application-frame mousedoc
	() ()
      (:command-table (mousedoc-command-table 
		       :inherit-from (mousedoc-secondary-command-table 
      (:panes ((menu     :command-menu)
	       (junk     :interactor)
	       (doc      :pointer-documentation))))

	    (clim:find-command-table 'mousedoc-command-table)
	    "SubMenu" :menu 'mousedoc-secondary-command-table)

    (clim:define-command (com-test1 :command-table mousedoc-secondary-command-table
				    :menu T)
      (clim:format *standard-output* "Test1~%"))

    (clim:define-command (com-test2 :command-table mousedoc-secondary-command-table
				    :menu T)
      (clim:format *standard-output* "Test2~%"))

    (define-mousedoc-command (com-exit-mousedoc :menu T)
      (clim:frame-exit clim:*application-frame*))

    (defun do-mousedoc-test (&optional (root *clim-root*))
       (clim:make-application-frame 'mousedoc
				    :parent root
				    :pretty-name "Test Mousedoc"
				    :width 450
				    :height 200)))



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