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Re: Clim 2.0beta

on using pane labels:

if you use 'make-clim-application-pane' instead of make-pane, you get
scroll-bars and a top/left label.

if you make a vbox-pane and put a label-pane after the app-pane, it of
course goes at the bottom. 

I don't know how to make the text centered. of course, you can also
specify colors for the label different from the app-pane only if you
explicitly create a separate label-pane.

as an alternative, make a vbox-pane, with a tiny app-pane at the top,
and then have it's display-fn draw a centered string. obnoxious,
perhaps, but functional. better yet, subclass app-pane with all this
behavior, and then use that...

nil is a good value for :text-cursor, that's what I use. :)

SWM and I discussed the layout stuff a bit this week. it's somewhat
fragile (my word) perhaps because the doc is not absolutely specific
everywhere about what can legally be done. for example, 'bordering'
only allows one element for its "contents", but the book seems to
imply that there could be more (you need either a 'vertically' or
'horizontally' inside as the single "contents"). there's a thing
called 'labelled' in the book that doesn't exist in the Allegro clim2

i think you're doing the mouse-doc pane wrong. don't use a pane at
all, and use (:pointer-documentation t) as a form at the same level as
(:panes ...) and (:layouts ...)

 -- clint



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