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minor problems with clim2.0beta

    Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1992 11:52 EST

    (1) I gather from the clim 2.0beta release notes that I should be
    able to create a private palette for an application (rather than 
    using the port's default palette), i.e.

     (setf (frame-manager-palette (find-frame-manager)) (make-palette (find-port)))

    but I haven't been successful at this; the application seems to be 
    allocating colors from the default colormap regardless. am I missing
    something here?

    (2) scroll-extent is defined as a function with arglist (sheet &key x y); 
    will this ultimately be changed to reflect the documentation? [generic
    function with arguments (sheet x y)]

    (3) drawing at `large' coordinate values on a scrolling sheet elicits
    the following warning from the underlying motif toolkit:

      Warning: Xt: 
	Class: XmScrollBar
	The specified scrollbar value is greater than the maximum
	scrollbar value minus the scrollbar slider size.

    empirically, this seems to occur when the ratio of the sheet size to
    the viewport size exceeds 200.

    this is clim 2.0 beta on allegro 4.2 beta

Please do not send pure bug reports to CLIM@BBN.COM.  Sending the bug
report to your vendor (in this case, Franz Inc) should be enough.



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