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New CLIM/CLOS version of Hermes (news reader) almost ready

    Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1992 11:29 EST
    From: Peter Clitherow <>

    Folks, i've been slowly converting the Hermes 5.0 newsreader into a
    CLOS/CLIM version, which is conceptually cleaner, if less featureful
    than the Symbolics DW one.  Naturally, it's subject to the whims of CLIM
    1.1 which is all i have to test under.

    is anyone interested in beta testing it?  (LISPM users only right now)
    also, since i'll be leaving bellcore in a couple of weeks and that my
    LISPM access will go, would someone like to take over maintaining it,
    and maybe add interfaces to new CLIM 2.0 functionality?

    as it's now pretty machine independant, it could be made to run on
    other CLIM platforms with the addition of a routine to get an NNTP
    connection.  this work could best be done by someone who has CLIM
    running on multiple platforms including the LISPM...  any takers?

You could always submit this to the CLIM library.  If it's not too
complicated, I might be persuaded to run the CLIM 1.1 -> 2.0 conversion
tools on it (Genera only, sorry)...



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