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frames and panes (East coast) versus overlapping independent windows (West coast)

   Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1992 09:20-0600
   From: "Donald H. Mitchell" <>

   With all those MacHeads and UnixGoons out there using CLIM, you'd
   think that if it were easy to make CLIM handle West Coast windows
   there'd be contributions in Cambridge and discussions in the CLIM
   list.  But, alas, I see none (although I vaguely remember but
   cannot find a short discussion on this).  I assume that the lack
   of discussion is not because West Coast windows are obvious
   (and thereby left up to the reader).  But, is it so?

There have already been good answers to this.  I just wanted to add
that several CLIM applications (specifically ones started in the MCL
environment, not surprisingly) use the "messy desktop" windowing
model.  About the only trick you have to learn is to make sure that
all the windows share the same io-buffer object so that an ACCEPT call
on one will allow input on any of them.  So, just use the
:INPUT-BUFFER init arg to your various OPEN-WINDOW-STREAM calls and
you can play with independent windows to your heart's content.



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