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:documentation option for define-command

    Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1992 06:28 EST
    From: Oliver Christ <>

    I think it would be quite useful if CLIM (2.0?) would provide a :documentation
    option for define-command. The value of this key could serve as the
    documentation string for the created (command) function. One could then
    implement a simple 'help' facility for the commands the UI provides:

      (format *standard-output* "Enter the command you need help for: ")
      (documentation (first (clim:read-frame-command clim:*application-frame*)) 

    (This code is only to illustrate the idea). What do you think about it? Are
    there any difficulties to be expected from presentation-to-command-translators? 

No :DOCUMENTATION keyword is necessary, since the following correctly
puts the doc string in the appropriate place in the function COM-FOO
so that DOCUMENTATION can retrieve it.

  (clim:define-command com-foo ((arg 'form))
    "doc string"
    (print arg))



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