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Re: Details on clim:menu-choose-from-drawer

    From: nrb!

       >    In a menu put up by clim:menu-choose-from-drawer, I can click left to
       >    select a particular item.  But when I click middle or right, nothing 
       >    happens.  What am I supposed to do to attach an action to those 
       >    gestures? By the way, how can I do this with clim:menu-choose ?
       >The "menu item identity" translator is defined only on the :SELECT
       >gesture.  Perhaps it should be defined on all gestures?  I've included
       >the code at the end of the message for you to change if you want.
    Thank you very much, it works well. Further: How do you get a documentation 
    line such as :
    L: documentation for left click; M: documentation for middle click; ...
    What do I have to use to specify (item wize) that a documentation is for the 
    left, middle,...  gesture (or is it :select, :describe,...)?  The only 
    available keyword now is :documentation.

You could write your own translators that use the left, middle, and
right-hand buttons.  CLIM does not directly support the notion of left,
middle, and right-hand buttons because that is not portable.

       >    When I use clim:menu-choose-from-drawer, how can I specify a 
       >    documentation
       >    string for the items I am going to generate ?
       >Use menu items of the form (<object> :documentation "<An object>") in
       >your call to MENU-CHOOSE.
    Do you want to say that usually you call MENU-CHOOSE from inside menu-choose-
    from-drawer ? If not, how do you do this with MENU-CHOOSE-FROM-DRAWER ?

The same way.

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