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Re: Moving objects and incremental redisplay

>For example, in order to move an object you simply:
> 1) compute the region of the object
> 2) move the object to its new position
> 3) replay the output records overlapping the objects old region
> 4) replay the output records overlapping the new region

Does #3 imply that a user needs to record overlapped objects
in order to to replay those records after objects are moved?  If so,
then what is the purpose of incremental redisplay?  Automatic replay
should be part of the fundamental clim spec; clim should know what
objects are overlapped and  need to be replayed without explicitly having to
relay that information back to clim.  I sure hope that I am
misunderstanding the implications of step #3.

Tracking which objects are overlapped is not a viable solution for our
application due to the number of overlapped regions, and clim's speed
(or lack thereof, even on a sparc 10).  If we have to track all of
this ourselves, we may as well write everything in C++ to get the execution
speed we need.

I would appreciate any clarification of this part of the clim
protocol.  We have had a lot of problems with overlapped regions, and
have had to hack our code to avoid overlapping altogether.  We are
running ACL 4.2.beta.0 and CLIM 2.0.beta.2.

Thanks in advance for any comments, help, advice...

    Steve Mundy

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