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Width of Accepting-value widget

> Date:     Thu, 30 Sep 93 13:54:49 EDT
> From: Nichael Cramer <ncramer@BBN.COM>
> Inside an ACCEPTING-VALUES, I do
>   (clim:accept 'string
> 	       :stream stream
>                :default directory
> 	       :prompt "  Enter directory"
>                :provide-default nil
> 	       :display-default nil)
> All is well and good and I get my motif input-widget like I should.
> However the input-field is about 1/3 as wide as I need/would like it to be.

Try this (it works in ACL4.2 CLIMbeta2):

(defun foo (directory &optional (stream *standard-output*))
  (clim:accepting-values (stream
			  ;;:resize t ;resizes accepting-values own-window per output
			  :own-window t)
    (clim:accept 'string
		 :stream stream
		 :default directory
		 :prompt "Enter Directory"
		 :view `(clim:text-field-view
			 :background ,clim:+yellow+
			 :foreground ,clim:+black+
			 :width 250))))

> Do I have any control over the size of this thing at this level (or do I
> need to go in and lay them out myself)? 
> (Playing with the window size --for example with the :OWN-WINDOW arg
> doesn't seem to help.)
> Thanks
> Nichael


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