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Re: Output recording and presentations

> Date: 13 Oct 1993 12:15:00 -0700 (PDT)
> From: "William M. York" <>
>    Date:	Tue, 12 Oct 1993 11:39:06 -0700
>    From:	Brian Anderson 234-0878 <>
>    > Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1993 13:28 -0400
>    > From: Scott McKay <>
>    > WITH-OUTPUT-AS-PRESENTATION turns output recording back on for you,
>    > but I can't recall the reason why it does this.  I think it's probably
>    > a bug.
>    Note that on page 23-17 of the spec, it says that the presentation is
>    *not* inserted in the output history if output recording is off.  I
>    was counting on this to use the idiom of creating a bunch of output
>    records with output recording and drawing off, insert them into the
>    appropriate place in the output history, and replay them myself.  This
>    almost worked except for the fact that the presentation output record
>    was inserted at the top level of the history (when I ran things to
>    create an output record) and in another place in the history when I
>    inserted it there myself.
> Ah, you definitely want with-output-to-output-record.  Then you don't
> even turn recording off, you just collect the output records in a
> separate "root" record, which you splice into the history at your
> convenience.

I tried something similar here.  WITH-OUTPUT-TO-OUTPUT-RECORD was fine when
I wanted just output-records.  However I could never figure out how to get
a real honest-to-goodness presentation out of it (as Brian describes in his
original note).

Am I just being dense?  What am I missing here?


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