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    Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1993 07:51 EDT
    From: Rainer Koenig <>

    Allegro4.2, CLIM2.0

    Here are some CLIM2.0 questions:

    1. In CLIM1.1 the generic function window-set-viewport-position*
       was called each time when clicking on the scrollbars.
       In CLIM2.0 the generic function window-set-viewport-position (without asterix)
       is not called when clicking on the scrollbars as described in the manual on page 304.

       Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

WINDOW-SET-VIEWPORT-POSITION* was at the wrong level of modularity for
this in CLIM 2.0.  The generic function you need to specialize to
observe when a window is scrolled is NOTE-VIEWPORT-POSITION-CHANGED.  It
gets called on the frame, the pane, and (soon) the new X and Y
positions.  The default method for this does nothing.

    2. How can we change the text-style, size and color of the standard command menu?

Under Allegro, I don't know how to do this.

    3. Why does the :command option also display a menu when clicking on it, and
       is there a way to avoid that?
	(clim::define-application-frame proroad ()
	       (:command-table (proroad-command-table
			 :inherit-from (clim:global-command-table
					global simulation 
					new duplicate
				       delete edit move depict toggle
				       load save infrastructure
			 :inherit-menu nil
			 :menu (("Exit" :command (com-quit-proroad))
				("Refresh Map" :command (com-refresh-map))
				("Refresh Mapper" :command (com-refresh-mapper))
				("Traffic Generation" :command (com-start-traffic))
				("Infrastructure >" :menu infrastructure)
				("Simulation Commands >" :menu simulation)

In Genera CLIM, this does not display a menu.  There may be a UI
consistency issue that CER decided to address for Allegro CLIM.


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