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1.1 dissappearing text ...

CLIM 1.1, Lucid and MCL

Anyone have ideas on why text would disappear a few seconds after it is


 * This happens after redraw of the text (e.g., a subtext had been
"selected", or a
   screen "refresh" command is run). It happens "spontaneously" -- i.e.,
when no
   user activity is going on, and does so reliably.

* After the text disappears, the presentations are still there (the
whitespace gets
  highlighted "correctly" under the cursor as if the text were there).

* This does NOT happen:
   - after the initial display of the frame
   - to our graphics

* When the window is buried and re-exposed, the text is displayed correctly
  and does not disappear until the next redraw. 

It's a hard one to track down since it's "spontaneous" and I don't know
what in the busy-waiting loop is responsible. What functions would be
most informative to trace? 

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