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Genera CLIM 2.0 documentation

    Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 17:16 EDT
    From: Monika Lundell <>

    I have been told the Genera CLIM 2.0 documentation is not available in
    hardcopy from the company, so I'll have to print it myself. Does
    anybody know which parts in the 2.0 version are substantially
    different from the 1.0 one? It would save some trees if I could just
    update the 1.0 book with the crucial pages.

You are thinking about two different things:

 1) The CLIM *specifications*
 2) The CLIM user's guide and documentation

The CLIM 2.0 spec, which you can FTP off of, is a
substantially better document than the CLIM 1.1 spec was.  However, it
is not intended to serve as documentation -- it is an implementor's
spec.  There are no examples, and (because I am not so good at LaTeX) no
index.  It is arranged in a very bottom-up fashion.

Is this the document that you plan to print?

Or do you plan to print the Genera on-line CLIM documentation?  This
document is only a little different from the CLIM 1.0 documentation.  I
think there is somethink in the release notes that outlines the

Symbolics is planning to print new CLIM 2.0 documentation in the very
near future, which we will be selling.  I'm not sure exactly when it
will be printed (soon) or how much it will cost.  One thing I am sure
about is that the new documentation is actually pretty good.

I believe that Franz, Inc., will also sell you a copy of their CLIM 2.0
documentation, which is also quite good.


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