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Prompting for arguments

    Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 16:02 EDT
    From: Adam Carlson <>

What version of CLIM?  I guess you must be using CLIM 1.1.

    Is it possible to modify the command reader so that argument prompts
    are displayed in a different way.  For instance, can they be
    surrounded by something other than parentheses and can they be output
    in some other text style?  I have a program which often accepts one or
    more values for a given argument, and I'd like my prompts to end in
    (s), but that looks stupid if the arguments are surrounded by
    parentheses.  What I'd really like is to have the arguments in a small
    font, but any control over their appearance would be better than none.

I think there is a variable called *NOISE-STRING-STYLE* or
*NOISE-STRING-TEXT-STYLE* or something like that.  In CLIM 2.0, it
defaults to '(NIL NIL :SMALLER).

There isn't a really good way to change the prompting behavior, except
perhaps to supply :PROMPT <whatever> :PROMPT-MODE :RAW.


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