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Positioning a menu?

    Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1993 14:27 EDT
    From:     Nichael Cramer <ncramer@BBN.COM>

    CLIM 2.0-Beta/Allegro/On a Sparc

    I need to position a pop-up window at a point (PX,PY) over a pane.  (I get
    the window using WITH-MENU.)

    The most useful function I can come up with is POSITION-SHEET-CAREFULLY.
    However, this positions the menu-window relative to the upper-left corner
    of the screen.  (This behavious is not affected by any of the obvious
    things --e.g. by setting the ASSOCIATED-WINDOW when calling WITH-MENU).

    (MOVE-SHEET and MOVE-AND-RESIZE sheet appear to only frob the
    transformation of the menu window and not actually move the window itself.)

    Alternatively, I could convert (PX,PY) into screen-coordinates.  But I
    can't figure out a reasonable way to this.  (For example, I seem to get
    identity transformations all the way up the sheet-parent tree.)

This should work:

Transform PX and PY by the CLIM:SHEET-DEVICE-TRANSFORMATION of the pane
you want to position over to get the "screen" coordinates.  Then call
POSITION-SHEET-CAREFULLY on the transformed PX and PY.

    Suggestions?  (BTW I got this to work in 1.1.)


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