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clim2 pulldown menu items

hi! I'm back! doing CLIM stuff again! hooray! I work at BBN now...

got a tiny prob I need some suggestions on...

Motif 1.2, SunOS 4.1.3, Allegro 4.2beta2 clim2beta, sparc 10

I managed to coerce CLIM2 into putting real Motif cascade-buttons into
the menubar, which doesn't seem to be possible with
define-frame-command (don't know for sure, didn't try it that way).
BUT, the choices in the pulldown are all grayed out. 

how can I force them to be not grayed out? I have defined commands to
go with them, so they're not just labels.

there's a function 'note-command-disabled' or some such that tells a
frame when a command is disabled, so that it can be grayed-out, and
there's the reverse command...but the pulldown items are NOT in the
frame's command table (pulldowns don't work that way: their contents
have to be in a separate cmd-table).

how to force commands in any random command table to be enabled so
that they aren't drawn grayed out...

 -- clint

Clint Hyde		"Give me a LispM or give me death!" -- anonymous

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