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Colors in Buttons

CLIM-2.0 Beta/Allegro/Sparc

I'm using a     

   (clim:with-output-as-gadget (SELF)
      (clim:make-pane 'clim:push-button
        ... )

and I'm trying to control the colors of the button.

Setting :FOREGROUND and :BACKGROUND allows me to set the colors
(respectively) of the Text-String and the main body of the button.

1] the "shadowing" colors seem to be fixed (to gray and black).

2] Furthermore the entire button is surrounded by a several pixel-wide
outline which seems to be hardwired to white (note: _not_ the background of
either the button or the underlying pane).

Is there any way to change these colors (if not, this make any attempt to
modify colors of the button pretty pointless)?  Why don't the outlining
colors default to the background color?

(I tried some of the obvious things.  There also seems to be
:DEFAULT-FOREGROUND and :DEFAULT-BACKGROUND args, but setting these don't
seem to affect anything.  Similarly setting the :BORDER options has no


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