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In section 9.7 of the CLIM-2 documentation it states:

   "Note: (setf clim:frame-current-layout) throws out of the application's
    command loop, all the way back to clim:run-frame-top-level[...]"

I can easily believe that there are neccessary reasons for doing this (such
as the clean-up examples briefly discussed following the above quote).  On
the other hand, this does make it difficult/impossible for my application
to do the sort of clean up _it_ needs to do (and which can happen only
after the new layout has been established).

Question: Is there obvious callback that occurs after the LAYOUT has been
set?  (Or, less desirably, some place that I can hang an :AFTER method?)

If not, it would be nice if there were.  (I have kludgy work-arounds --e.g.
setting a flag before I change the layout-- but iwbn if there were a more
explicit mechanism.)


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