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app-frames and pane-sizing



an option for make-pane is :width, which you give a number-in-pixels.

an undocumented alternative is :compute, which calls your display-fn
for auto-construct the right width value (to match the pane's

it works for :height too.

please get this in the book, folks. I tried a slew of values before it
occurred to me to try :compute.

a different problem I've had has to do with accepting-values
behaviors. it's VERY easy to typeahead (accept 'string) too fast for
clim to keep up, and then it goes into never-never land for a bit and
loses all that typeahead. watch out for it. there's also trouble if
where you're typing is too close to the right edge (or the text has
wrapped already).

and in doing something else, it seems that if an AV-CMD-BUTTON is
dynamically resized to go over the right edge, the window gets damaged
irrecoverably, never goes away, and requires a lisp-exit/restart to
get things going (existing windows still behave, but new ones are
DOA). it may be that if other things go over the edge the window gets
damaged then too, I don't know; i haven't done a detailed study on it.

 -- clint

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