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Re: Editor/pointer-doc pane problem.

>I don't know the answer, but I'd at least start by being much more
>explicit about the text-editor pane:
>(te (make-pane 'text-editor :key opt ...))
> -- clint

As I mentioned, this was a very simple example which demonstrates the problem.
In fact, I trimmed this down from a much more complex editor pane, with
a callback, scroll-bars, and other pane wrappings and stuff.  When discussing a
coding problem, it seems to me best to eliminate all extraneous code, to 
the bare minimum which still demonstrates the problem.  So far, it seems I
can be as explicit as I want about the text-editor pane, and wind up with a 
very fancy gadget which still bombs the same way.  The only solution I have
found is to set :pointer-documentation to nil, which is no solution at all.

... Rick

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