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frames on multiple screens

    Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1993 17:20 EST
    From: chyde@BBN.COM


    I need to run an app with multiple frames, and have two of the frames
    show up on two other machines.

    lisp itself mismatches the book rather badly on how to go about this,
    with errors in the descriptions of functions MAKE-APPLICATION-FRAME,

    I've called tech-support, but I wonder if anyone else has solved this

    I have a really short fuse on this, we gotta demo thursday morning
    next week (lotsa time! somebody in the back says). but we need to
    freeze code monday, and that really means I need an answer tomorrow,
    so that we can wrangle some kind of work-around if need be...

Hmm, I guess I don't see what the problem is.

Here is what you should be doing:

 1) Use the :SERVER-PATH argument to FIND-PORT to create a port on the
    appropriate host machine, e.g.,
    (FIND-PORT :SERVER-PATH `(:MOTIF :HOST ,<the-host>))
 2) Create a frame manager on that port, e.g.,
    (FIND-FRAME-MANAGER :PORT <the-port>)
 3) Use the frame manager to create your frame, e.g.,
    (MAKE-APPLICATION-FRAME <your-frame> :FRAME-MANAGER <the-framem>)

I do this frequently to verify that various things work properly, and I
always run using two different frame managers on my own machine to get
the look-and-feel I like for different apps.

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