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More Pull-Down Questions


Continuing my pursuit of the perfect motif-ish cascading/pull-down menu, a
couple more questions more questions:

1] I need to determine dynamically whether an item is enabled.  What I'm
currently doing is using COMMAND-ENABLED method (dispatching on the
COMMAND-NAME).   (Does this seem reasonable?)

This works reasonably well, except for those items which
are themselves (recursive) sub-menu.  So far as I can determine there's no
way to disable an item of this type.  Even using 
doesn't help.

Any suggestions?

2] By the same token, is there any way for any item to be _both_ a
command-item and a sub-menu-item?  I.e. such that moving over the "|>" icon
causes the sub-menu to be invoked, but releasing over the item itself
causes a regular command to be invoked?


P.S.  I found my own answer to one of my questions from yesterday.  In
short to get a motif-like scroll bar without using the default from
(:MENU-BAR T) I can use a (CLIM:MAKE-PANE 'CLIM:MENU-BAR  ...) form in the
frame definition.

This works fine, except that it draws some items in a weird way.
Specifically, if you give the pane background and foreground inks it draws
items which have full-blown pull-down-menus under them just fine.  However
items in the menu-bar that are simply commands get drawn in the regular
"default" back/foreground colors.
But I suspect this this is simply a genuine bug.  --N

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