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Overview gadget available?

(ACL4.1, CLIM1.1)

I'm currently using ACL CLIM 1.1, but am looking ahead to CLIM 2.0.  
Our group is constructing a number of editors and interfaces that
show tree graphs and we'd like to develop a way to help the user navigate 
around in the graphs.  

Has anyone constructed an overview gadget in CLIM1.x or CLIM2.0 that they 
would be willing to share?  With such a gadget you can, for example,
locate and move your position in a large graph by viewing and manipulating 
a rectangular "viewport" over a miniaturized version of the graph.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, including tips on how to implement 
the overview gadget!

Carolyn Banda                 NASA Ames Research Center     M.S. 269-6
Phone: (415) 604-1334         Moffett Field, CA 94035
FAX:   (415) 604-3323

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