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tracking-ptr across multiple panes

    Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1993 20:38 EST
    From: chyde@BBN.COM


    is there a good example of this somewhere? I'm trying to do this
    again, and NOT use the (formerly, and perhaps still) broken
    drag-n-drop clause. (which behaved disastrously in clim-2-beta2)

I recently fixed a bunch of bugs in multi-window TRACKING-POINTER, but
unfortunately that doesn't do Allegro CLIM users one whit of good.

I would be curious to know how d-and-d translators are losing for you,
since a small desktop-like program that works perfectly well with them.
Maybe I just have the box of pixie dust needed to win.

    I have a presentation I'd like to drag from one window (while the
    mouse is still down) and release the mouse on top of another
    presentation in an adjacent pane. i'm actually dragging file/dir icons
    on top of other directory icons. this is some clim-1 code I wrote
    early this year that I'm bringing up to date...mostly it works, except
    that I get some less than spiffy behavior choices: either I can
    cleanly drag-n-drop in the same pane, or I can consistently drop in
    all panes, with the problem that anytime I click a file i'm in
    dragging mode and so I have to click to get out of it--the only
    indication that i'm dragging is the ptr-doc pane's contents not
    changing. (ok, I could drag the presentation, but I want that not to
    be the default behavior.

I can't quite understand the lossage you are describing here, although
I am sure you are describing genuine trouble.

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