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Re: reducing time overhead of text display (in 1.1)

> From att!BBN.COM!!SWM Mon Dec 20 15:55:59 1993
> Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1993 16:44 -0500
> From: Scott McKay <>
> Subject: reducing time overhead of text display (in 1.1)
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>     Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1993 16:22 EST
>     From: David Gadbois <>
>     We had a similar problem with a display that involved scads of text.
>     Metering revealed that the code was spending most of its time just
>     creating and installing output records.  We ended up bagging
>     CLIM:DRAW-TEXT and instead creating one big presentation that covered
>     the whole output area, using low-level text drawing primitives to do
>     the output, and doing our own mouse tracking in the highlighting
>     method for the big presentation.  Pretty gross, but the display was
>     unacceptably slow otherwise.
And this is what you would have to implement yourself and a lot more
if you were building your own X window application directly to do the same
at a comparable speed... And what's more: when you're done implementing
it for an X workstation, what do you do to port it to a Mac or PC?
CLIM has the potential to really help you save time in all these areas,
it's up to us (the users) to make this happen. Maybe we could even
share more examples on this mailing list as a start.

> I have seen the results of this admittedly kludgy solution, and they are
> very good.  The UI in question is quite speedy.
>     --David Gadbois

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