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Re: reducing time overhead of text display (in 1.1)

> Here's another idea.  Output records in CLIM are used for both
> computing mouse sensitivity of presentations, and for refreshing the
> display (anything else?).  Would it be worthwhile to create two new
> classes of output records, each of which is only useful for one or the
> other capabilities?  So I could get mouse sensitivity at the price of
> not being able to refresh the screen quickly in a way other than
> simply reinvoking my display code.  Would this speed up my display
> code? 

This could be useful in our application, where one pane is primarily
read-only access to a large hypertext-like document (heavilly indexed,
e.g. my prior timing results were for 485 output records in 2000 words
of text). The user is constructing a diagram in the other pane in which
text copied out of the document is inserted. 

I'm curious about the relative ratio of read vs. update operations in
other CLIM applications out there that rely heavily on text. 

However, some users will be constructing text as well, so of course I
prefer to speed up the fully functional records. I'm much more comforted
by hearing that there are ways to speed it up than hearing arguments for
why the interface software we've invested 8 months in is justified in
being too slow for our application! 

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