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arc-drawer in graph-formatting

Clim 1.1 (unfortunately)
Lucid 4.1

I'm trying to implement a graph drawer that will use different line
styles for the arcs depending on some attributes of the nodes being
connected.  According to the clim 2.0 specs, the :arc-drawer option to
format-graph-from-roots gets 7 positional arguments, the stream, the
from and to nodes and their x and y positions.  Although the optional
arc-drawer is undocumented in CLIM 1.1, I tried the same thing, and my
function was called, but as far as I can tell, the nodes are not
passed to it.  Is there a patch to CLIM 1.1 that will fix this or can
anyone suggest some way of getting information about the nodes being
drawn to the arc-drawer.

Adam Carlson

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