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Re: doing an "outlining" behavior...

assuming I could give it away (USAF money paid for it, so I probably
can), I've written a fairly substantial app which is the outlining
(including nested paragraphs), and the full complement of typical
word-processor functions including cut-n-paste, and the ability to
link paragraphs to other things (my current project, an app suite,
will be a wide variety of things with substantial hyper-linking
between anything and everything).

it probably does everything talked about two weeks ago. it even allows
text editing, although that part is unattractive (I put a motif
text-edit widget up on top of the paragraph getting edited. gag--it
doesn't do a proper text-wrap of any kind).

if anyone wants this, let me know, I'll ask if it's ok.

 -- clint

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