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    Date: Wed, 5 Jan 1994 15:58 EST
    From: Adam Carlson <>

    Clim 1.1
    Lucid 4.1

    We are using the CLIM grapher and have found an unpleasant feature of
    the node layout algorithm when :merge-duplicates is t.  We have graphs
    which are very difficult to read the way they are formatted.  For
    example, a-->b, a-->c, a-->d, b-->c, b-->d, c-->d (i.e. everything is
    a parent of everything to the right of it) and a-->b, a-->d, b-->c,
    c-->d both display as a--b--c--d.

    What I've done so far is to supply an arc drawer which adds a small
    random number to the to-y position of the arc, so that the arcs are
    not exactly collinear.  This helps, but it would be nice to be able to
    use the same dithering on the actual positions of the nodes.  Does
    anyone have any suggestions for how to control node placement in CLIM
    1.1 graph formatting?

There are no such controls.  Sorry.

    Adam Carlson


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