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Using the mouse to complete a command!!!!!

Here's how you can complete a command in your application with the mouse.
This is a handy thing because it minimizes the need of having to go back
and forth between the mouse and the keyboard during the input of a command.

First, I wish to thank Scott McKay for his help in guiding me to the
appropriate functions needed in order to do this.  ENJOY CLIMMERS!

(define-presentation-action Complete-Command-Line
    (blank-area nil your-applications-command-table :menu nil :gesture :select)
   (clim-utils:queue-put (clim:stream-input-buffer
				(frame-query-io *your-application*)) #\newline)
   (clim::immediate-rescan (clim:stream-input-buffer
				(frame-query-io *your-application*))))

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