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detecting B&W monitor in Clim 1.1

    Date: Mon, 10 Jan 1994 16:04-0600
    From: Suzanne Paley <>

    I saw a recent message about detecting whether or not a monitor can
    display color in CLIM 2.0.  I was wondering if the same thing could
    be done in CLIM 1.1, and how.

(defun color-stream-p (stream)
  #+CLIM-2 (clim:palette-color-p (clim:port-default-palette (clim:port stream)))
  #-CLIM-2 (and (slot-boundp stream 'clim::color-p)
		(slot-value stream 'clim::color-p)))

Not sure how to do it before one actually creates a stream to the

--David Gadbois


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